Basics of Call of Duty Mobile for Beginners

  • A first-person shooting, 5v5 multiplayer, and battle royale game
  • Publisher: Activision, Garena, VNG Games, Tencent Games
  • Developer: TiMi Studios
  • Release date:1. Worldwide: 1 October 2019 2. Vietnam: 20 April 2020 3. China: 25 December 2020
  • Platforms: Android and iOS

Terminology in Cod Mobile(In-game terms)

Here is the list of various terms used in Call of Duty mobile.

  • Loadouts (multiplayer): This is What an Operator uses in battle. Each loadout consists of nine items that include primary weapon, secondary weapon, character, operator skill, Lethal, tactical, red perk, green perk, and blue perk. As a primary weapon, you have assault rifles, shotguns, snipers, Marksman, SMGs, and LMGs. Pistols, launchers, and melee are choices as secondary weapons. You can create 10 different such Loadouts. You can create Loadouts from here: multiplayer > Loadouts.
  • Loadouts (Battle Royale): Battle Royale Loadouts consist of primary weapons and BR Classes, as well as Camos of different items. Here the player can create a maximum of 5 Loadouts. You can pick up these Loadouts from drops. You can create Loadouts from here: Battle Royale > Loadouts.
  • Gunsmith: The Gunsmith is a weapon customization feature of Call of Duty Mobile. This allows you to build your gun using multiple attachments, weapon Camos, charms, and stickers. It’s important to build a gun with the right attachments, as it makes a significant impact on your gameplay.
  • Operator Skill (Only for multiplayer): Operator skills are special weapons that charge over time during a match. Once Operator Skill is fully charged, the player can access it by tapping on the operator skill icon on the right side of the screen. You can speed up the charging process by getting more kills and objective points.
  • Scorestreaks (Only for multiplayer): Scorestreaks, the special weapons, are the reward for earning a set number of kills in one life during a Multiplayer match. Players can carry three scorestreaks in a match. You can select Scorestreak from multiplayer > Scorestreaks.
  • Perks: There are two main types of perks: Weapon perks and Operator/character/Loadout perks. Loadout perks are divided into three categories: red perks, green perks, and blue perks. Loadout perks are multiplayer features that provide passive benefits to your character. Players can carry three perks in a match. Weapon perks provide passive benefits to a weapon that does not change its appearance.
  • BR Classes (only for Battle Royale): This is the exclusive feature of Battle Royale that gives a player additional benefits during a match. You have the option to choose a Class before a match begins. Once the class is fully charged, you can use it by tapping on the Class icon.

Modes in COD Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile has two main modes: multiplayer and Battle Royal. Things like guns, grenades, and launchers are similar in both Modes. While items like scorestreaks and operator skills are only for multiplayer modes; Classes are exclusive to Battle Royal. So let’s first learn about various in-game terms and common items so that you can build a basic understanding of the game.

Multiplayer (5v5)

Multiplayer is a 5v5 mode which is usually smaller than Battle Royal. In multiplayer, you have to complete the given goals to win; And the goal depends on which multiplayer mode you’re playing. Here are the various multiplayer game modes in Call of Duty Mobile.

Multiplayer Game Modes

There are three categories of multiplayer game modes. In ranked mode, matchmaking takes place based on the ranking of the players. Core modes are non-ranked permanent modes. Limited-time modes last only a few days or weeks.

  • Ranked: Team Deathmatch | Domination | Search & Destroy | Hardpoint
  • Core (non-ranked): Frontline | Team Deathmatch | Domination | Search & Destroy | Hardpoint | Free for All | Kill Confirmed | Gunfight
  • Limited time(non-ranked): Gun Game | Snipers Only | Rocket Only | Sticks and Stones | One Shot One Kill | Prop Hunt | Rapid Fire | Gun Game: Team Fight | 1v1 Duel | Capture the Flag | Attack of the Undead | Juggernaut | 10V10 | Headquarters | Hardcore | Cranked | Grind

Multiplayer features

  • You are free to select various multiplayer modes as well as map(s). However, you cannot select a map inside rank mode.
  • You can use Operator skill and Scorestreaks during a match to increase kills and objective points.
  • You can get nuke by 20 kills without dying and without using Scorestreaks. Nuke kills all enemies.

Battle Royale

This is the last man standing mode where 100 players descend on the same battleground and survive till the end to win the match.

Features of Battle Royale of COD Mobile

  • There are two maps to play: isolated and Alcatraz.
  • There are also several Battle Royal modes, which come for a limited time.
  • Players are free to choose solo, duo, or squad.
  • You can play in TPP or FPP perspective. And also changes it anytime during the match by tapping the FPP-TPP button.
  • A player can select a Class (provide passive advantages) in a lobby just before the match begins.
  • There is a wide range of vehicles, along with several ropeways and zip lines for fast travel.
  • There is fall damage. Medium height is more dangerous for fall damage. Because the wingsuit automatically opens when falling off a high height.
  • Once you die, your teammates can revive you by collecting and scanning your dog tag.
  • You can customize your weapon and create a Loadout that you can later pick up from the drop during a match.

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