Call Of Duty Mobile sensitivity: Best sensitivity settings and guide

In this article, everything about the sensitivity and sensitivity setting of Call of Duty Mobile is explained in detail.

Sensitivity setting in COD Mobile 

All the settings in the sensitivity section of the Call Of Duty Mobile’s setting are explained below.

Rotation mode

  • fixed speed: Here the camera rotation happens at a fixed speed, no matter how fast you swipe your finger.
  • Distance acceleration: In distance acceleration, the speed at which you look around is depended on how far you drag your finger across the screen.
  • Speed acceleration: In speed acceleration, the speed at which you look around is depended on how fast you move your finger across the screen. The faster you swipe, the faster the camera will rotate.

The fixed speed is recommended. However, players who use more flick shots can choose the speed acceleration.

Sensitivity Switch

The sensitivity switch is basically how your sensitivity switches, from standard sensitivity to ADS sensitivity or from ADS sensitivity to standard sensitivity. Basically, this setting is about how the sensitivity switches while you are scoping in or scoping out.

  • Switch while opening ads: Here, your ADS sensitivity is activated as soon as you hit the Aim button.
  • Switch after ads animation ends: Here, your ADS or standard sensitivity is activated after the animation ends.
  • Gradually switch while ads’ing: Here, the sensitivity changes gradually from ADS to standard or standard to ADS.

Switch while opening ads is recommended.

Camera sensitivity vs firing sensitivity

Camera sensitivity works when you are not shooting. On the other hand, the firing sensitivity works only during firing. You can keep the camera sensitivity and firing sensitivity the same.

  • Standard sensitivity: This sensitivity engages when you are not scoped in.
  • ADS sensitivity: This is sensitivity when you are scoped in.
  • Tactical scope sensitivity: The sensitivity for 2x scope.
  • Sniper scope sensitivity: The sensitivity for sniper scope.
  • 3x tactical scope: The sensitivity for 3x scope.
  • 4x tactical scope: The sensitivity for 4x scope.

Sensitivity guide (camera sensitivity and firing sensitivity)

How to find the right sensitivity in COD Mobile?

Here are some steps for adjusting standard sensitivity, ADS sensitivity, and all scope sensitivity.

  • Go to the training mode, the right place for setting sensitivities. 
  • Manually adjust all sensitivity one by one.
  • Let’s say you want to set the standard sensitivity. In training mode, keep changing the standard sensitivity until you find it comfortable.  It’s a good setting for you if you can comfortably turn 180 degrees in one swipe.
  • Similarly, set the ADS sensitivity and the other sensitivities one by one.

As you play more matches, you will automatically get an idea of the sensitivity.

COD Mobile sensitivity calculator

If you don’t want to adjust all the sensitivity manually, a sensitivity calculator can help you. Fortunately, there’s a CODM sensitivity calculator made by Hawksnest, available on HawksNest is one of the popular Call of Duty Mobile content creators on YouTube.

To use this calculator, all you need to do is figure out the standard sensitivity yourself. Then put this standard sensitivity into the calculator, and get the rest of the sensitivities. With this calculator, you can find the sensitivity of both Multiplayer mode and Battle Royale mode. There is also a PUBG Mobile to COD Mobile sensitivity converter on this website.

If you are confused, then just change your sensitivity preset from Custom to Medium.

Don’t copy the sensitivity of other players

Players often copy the sensitivity settings of other players, which is a bad idea. Because all players have different devices, they have different playing styles, and they play with different hud layouts.

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