How to Change Name in Call of Duty Mobile for free 2021

Call Of Duty Mobile is one of the most popular FPS and battle royale games on mobile devices. On the Play Store, CODM has over 100 million downloads.

This article is about how you can change the in-game name in COD Mobile for free?

2 Steps to change the name in CODM (free)

Before we begin the steps, you must login to the game. It is recommended that you login the game using the Activision account. And if possible keep changing your password once/twice in a month to protect your account from hackers.

Step 1: Purchase Rename card for free

Call of Duty Mobile has two types of in-game currencies: Credits (which is free currency) and CP (premium currency). We will use free Credits to change the name.

  • Go to the the card section of the store
  • click on the rename card
  • Change the currency from CP to credits( 1 rename card cost is 1000 credits)
  • Now, hit the purchase button and you will get one free  rename card.

Step 2: Change your Name

  • Go to your profile
  • Click on the edit icon located next to your name
  • Change your name/nickname/account name

You can use a maximum of 14 characters for your in-game name. Also, the second renaming will be available after three days.

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