COD Mobile Undead Siege: Everything about this zombie mode

Call of Duty Mobile introduced a zombie mode called Undead Siege in Season 5. Here’s everything you need to know about this zombie mode in COD Mobile.

Undead Siege: basic information and features


Here in this section, you can upgrade turrets, weapons, toughness, and advanced tools. Aether Shards and Aether Crystals are required to upgrade talent levels. You can get Aether Shards and Aether Crystals from the Zombie Battle Pass (Richtofen Rewards), and you also get them when you win zombie matches.


You can see the turret management option in the zombie match. You can upgrade the turret using turret upgrading materials. An upgraded turret is more advanced, powerful, and tactical. You can find turret upgrading materials during the daytime.

Other features

  • Vending Machine: Vending Machine is found at the base. Here you can buy weapons, ammo, and Operator Skills using Aether Essence. You can get Aether Essence by breaking Aether Crystals.
  • Warehouse: It is also found at the Base. Here you can store extra ammunition, extra turret upgrade material, and extra lethal. Also, you can withdraw stored items from the warehouse whenever you want.
  • Revive Coin: Revive Coin allows players to revive themselves in zombie mode.
  • Wrench: Wrench is the default weapon you get in zombie mode. The wrench helps to repair your turrets and Base. You can also use a wrench as a melee weapon.

Types of modes

  • Undead Siege – Casual: This is a casual zombie mode, which is easy to play. By winning in this mode, you get fewer rewards.
  • Undead Siege – Tutorial: This practice mode can help you to understand the zombie mode.
  • Undead Siege – Hard: This is the tougher version of Zombie Mode. But you also get more rewards for winning matches in this mode.

How to play zombie mode (Undead Siege) in Call Of Duty Mobile?

There are two types of zombie modes: Casual and Hard. Select one of them and start the match.


The gameplay is simple. During the day, you have to collect weapons and other items. 

 Your goal at night is to defend the base. Remember that a match will end if zombies destroy your base or your entire team dies.

Tips, tricks, and guide for zombie mode

Here are tips and tricks for the Undead Siege that might help you win this zombie mode of cod mobile.

  • Use wrench against the wardens. It takes around 3 shots to kill a warden with the wrench
  • To heal the base and turret, hit the base and turret with a wrench
  • Max out your talent level
  • Use juggernauts and other Operator Skills in last few waves

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