Call of Duty: Mobile – All Scorestreaks list and guide

You probably heard the term ‘Scorestreak’ in the Call Of Duty Mobile. The Scorestreak is a special feature that is only available in the multiplayer mode of the COD Mobile. This article has everything that you need to know about Scorestreaks.

What are Scorestreaks?

Scorestreaks are special types of weapons that give extra benefits to the player. During the match, you can get the Scorestreak by earning a certain number of kills in one life. Each Scorestrek requires a certain number of points ( remember, required points are proportional to the number of kills you get in one life). Here is the list of all the Scorestreaks with their details and required points.

List of Scorestreaks

Scorestreak (points required)


Shield Turret (300)

A manual shielded turret that can be deployed on most surfaces.

UAV (400)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that reveals enemy locations on the minimap.

Shock RC (450)

Detects nerby enemies and paralyzes them in a continous eletric shock.

Hunter Killer Drone (500)

Infantry deployed drone that seeks out an enemy vehicle.

Care Package (550)

Call in a care package containing one random scorestreak.

Counter-UAV (600)

Jams enemy reconnaissance by temporarily disabiling the enemy minimap.

Predator missile (700)

Remote-controlled Predator Missile with a cluster bomb payload.

MQ-27 Dragonfire (750)

Use a drone to detect and eliminate enemies while it has power and ammo. It carries 3 infrared explosive probes.

Sentry Gun (800)

An unmanned weapon capable of autonomously acquiring and firing upon enemy targets through thermal detection.

Sam Turret (850)

The SAM Turret is an unmanned weapon which automaticaly locks onto any aircraft scorestreaks and fires missiles to destroy them.

XS1 Goliath (900)

Call on an XS1 Goliath to equip powerful armor and a minigun with limitless ammo.

Cluster Strike (950)

Bears down continous missile bombardment to a designated location.

Stealth Chopper (1000)

Call in an attacking helicopter to the battlefiled for armed support.

EMP Systems (1300)

Disables all enemy electronics. All items in enemy HUD will be removed and field of vision will be affected. Enemies affected cannot use throwables, Scorestreaks of Operator Skills.

Advanced UAV (1400)

Orbital UAV that reveals the enemy's direction on the mini-map.

Napalm (1500)

Scorch nearby enemies and fill the battlefield with smoke.

VTOL (1600)

Call in a VTOL gunship to provide air support.

Hawk X3 (750)

Manually controlled drone with a machine gun as the weapon.

How to use Scorestreaks in COD Mobile?

First, you need to select Scorestreaks by going here: Multiplayer > Scorestreaks. You can choose any three Scorestreaks here.

Here’s how you can use the Scorestreak in a match: In any multiplayer match, you can see the box that contains the icons of your chosen three Scorestreaks. Tap on the Scorestreak icon that you want to use. That’s it.

Scorestreaks Guide

Following are some guides, tips, and tricks for Scorestreaks.

  • Perks for Scorestreaks: There is a perk called Persistence. Persistence does not change the progress of Scorestreaks when you die, but it doubles the cost (points required) of Scorestreaks.
  • Best Scorestreaks to use in CODM: UAV, Predator Missile, Hunter Killer Drone, Shock RC, XS1 Goliath, stealth chopper, and VTOL
  • You can steal enemy XS1 Goliath.

Q & A on Scorestreaks

How to change scorestreaks in COD Mobile?

You can change Scorestreaks from here: Multiplayer > Scorestreaks. You can carry three Scorestreaks at a time.

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