Cod Mobile Season 4: Test server, Release date, and more

This article is dedicated to Cod Mobile season 4. Here’s everything we know about COD Mobile Season 4 update including release date, leaks, patch notes, new weapons, new maps.

COD Mobile: season 4 Release date

The ongoing season of CODM: Tokyo Escape ends on May 26, 2021. Hence Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 is likely to release on 27 May 2021. However, there is no official announcement from the developer about COD Mobile Season 4 yet.

Test server and leaks

Here is what you can see in the CODM season 4 public test build:

  • Clan Wars
  • Weapon balance changes (NA-45 nerf, AS Val buff, multiple operator skills nerfed in BR)
  • New MP Map – Dome
  • New Operator skill- K9 Unit
  • New Scorestreak: Hawk X3
  • New Perk: Gung ho

Some leaks to Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 that we know so far:

  • Holger-26, an LMG, is expected to come in season4

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