What is Gunsmith in COD Mobile? Everything about Gunsmith

Call of Duty Mobile has a lot of features, and Gunsmith is one of them. Here is everything you should know about Gunsmith.

What is Gunsmith in CODM?

Gunsmith is a weapon customization feature in Call Of Duty Mobile. Gunsmith allows players to build their favorite guns using various attachments. Also, here you can test your build, change the blueprint & camo of the weapon, and attach charms & stickers.

Features of Gunsmith

1. Attachments

Weapon building is a core feature of Gunsmith, and it requires attachments. Attachments help to build or customize your gun as of your need. You can equip a maximum of 5 attachments. The following are different types of attachments in COD Mobile.

  • Muzzle
  • Barrel
  • Optic/Scope
  • Stock
  • Rear Grip
  • Ammunition
  • Underbarrel
  • Laser
  • Perks

2. Customize

In the customize option, you can embellish your weapon. Here, you can attach various stickers and charms. Also, weapon camos can be equipped from here.

3. Others

  • You can directly check your build by clicking on the TRY button.
  • By clicking on the BULB icon, you will get the various recommended attachments.
  • You can clear all the attachments by clicking on the Brush icon.
  • There is also an option to compare weapons.

How to use Gunsmith in COD Mobile?

In Multiplayer mode

You can use the Gunsmith feature for MP mode from here: CODM >Multiplayer> Loadout > Primary Weapon/ Secondary weapon > Gunsmith.

In Battle Royale mode

You can use the Gunsmith feature for MP mode from here: CODM > Battle Royale>Loadout > Gunsmith attachments. In a battle royale match, you can get this weapon from the airdrop.

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