WCC Rivals: Basic, features and beginner’s guide

WCC Rivals – Realtime Cricket Multiplayer is a Real-time multiplayer cricket game developed and published by Nextwave Multimedia. NextWave Multimedia has also published popular games WCC 2 and WCC 3 for Android and iOS.

This page covers everything about WCC Rivals.

WCC Rivals: Basic game format and features

WCC Rivals is a 1v1 game played between you and your opponent for two overs. The match starts with a toss and both the teams have two overs to bat and bowl.

Features of WCC Rivals

Here are the features of WCC Rivals.

  • There are plenty of options for team customization.
  • You can make friends by going to the friends section of WCC Rivals
  • There are plenty of modes to play including ranked matches, unranked matches, public & private rooms, and export lobby.
  • Team jersey customization options
  • Separate squad management option. Here you can train your players, make changes in playing 11, and more.
  • Leaderboard for ranked matches

Batting controls in WCC Rivals

  • When the bowler is ready to bowl, you will see a wheel on the screen. Here you have to tap with correct timing to select Loft, Power drive, and regular drive.
  • Now you have to swipe at the right time in the direction where you want to play the shot.
  • A Loft can go for a six if timed right. If you manage to stop the needle in the center of the Loft zone, you will have more power on the shot.
  • A power drive can go for four if you manage to find a difference. Getting four on a simple drive requires more time and placement. Almost all the time, you only get one or two runs on a regular drive.

Bowling controls in WCC Rivals

  • In the beginning, you have to tap with the correct timing to select regular delivery or special delivery.
  • After that, you have to set the delivery speed. The red zone indicates that the ball will be counted as a no-ball.
  • After that, you have to select the spin/swing.
  • And finally, set the line and length of delivery by adjusting the Round.

Types of modes

Following are the different modes available in WCC Rivals.

  • Unranked: This is a casual mode where you can play for coins. Here you do not lose the Skill Rating (SR). You will get double the amount of coins if you win an Unranked match.
  • Ranked matches: This is a competitive mode where you play to be on top of the Leaderboard. Here you will get Coins, Tokens, and SR (skill rating) if you win. But if you lose a ranked match, you will lose coins and SR.
  • Challenge a Friend: Here you can play with your friend without worrying about Coins and SR. Here you can create a room by spending one Token. Or you can join a friend’s room by entering the ID.
  • Practice: This is a practice mode. Here you can practice batting and bowling.

In-game Currency

Following are the different types of currency used in WCC Rivals.

  • Coins: Coins are the currency used in WCC Rivals. The coins are used for entry match fees and for completing training levels.
  • Tokens: Tokens are the premium currency in WCC Rivals. However, you can also earn tokens for free. Tokens are used to upgrade your player skills, buy coins, and boost the training process & recovery.

Sporting Bonus (Coin Points) 

This is completely free currency in WCC Rivals. Coin Points are earned from Sporting Bonus. Here is the table of Sporting Bonus that you can find in the help section of WCC Rivals.

Name of stageEntry fees in CoinsWinning amounts
Rookie Camp50100
Club Sport200400
Pro Match10002000
Den Of Masters500010000
Superstars Challenge2500050000
Arena of Champions100000200000

How to get Coins in WCC Rivals?

Here are the different ways to earn Coins in WCC Rivals.

  • Go to the store and buy using tokens.
  • You can get some coins every day from the daily login bonus.
  • You can earn coins by watching videos by going to the Free Rewards section.
  • You get coins for winning ranked and unranked matches.
  • From sporting bonus

How to get Tokens in WCC Rivals?

Here are the different ways to earn Tokens in WCC Rivals.

  • Buy tokens using real money from the store.
  • You can get some amount of tokens from the daily login bonus.
  • You can earn tokens by watching videos by going to the Free Rewards section. Usually, you will get one token per video.
  • You also get tokens by winning ranked matches.

Ranked matches in WCC Rivals 

In ranked matches of WCC Rivals, there are six stages.

Skill Rating(SR)

  • Skill Rating shows your performance in ranked matches. 
  • You get less SR for a loss and high SR for a win against a higher skilled player. Against a low-rated player, you will lose more SR for loss and get less SR for a win.
  • In ranked matches, the matchmaking of players is based on their skill level.
  • SR gets reset every new season.
  • You also get SR Badges based on your Skill Rating.
  • There is also a leaderboard where players are ranked based on their skill rating.

What is MY Squad in WCC Rivals?

My Squad is the section where you manage your players. Here are the features of My Squad.

Features of My Squad section of WCC Rivals

  • Edit player name
  • You can make changes in playing 11
  • You can decide captain and wicket-keeper here
  • You can change jersey


  • Here you can train your players
  • You can upgrade batsman’s batting skills up to 20 levels and fielding skills up to 20 levels.
  • You can upgrade bowler’s bowling skills up to 20 levels and fielding skills up to 20 levels.
  • The all-rounder’s bowling, batting, and fielding skills can each be upgraded up to 20 levels.
  • Tokens are used to upgrade a player’s skill levels.

Stamina and Recovery

In WCC Rivals, each player has an energy bar that shows the player’s stamina. You can increase a player’s stamina by putting the player in recovery mode. A player takes 15 minutes to improve 5% stamina. You can speed up the stamina recovery process by spending tokens or watching videos.


Is WCC rival offline?

No. You need a stable internet connection to play WCC Rivals.

How to Make Friends in WCC Rivals?

In the Friends section of WCC Rivals, players can accept or send a friend request.

Note: All standard data and information provided in this article are taken from the Help section of WCC Rivals.

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