How to level up battle pass fast in COD Mobile?

Seasons in Call of Duty Mobile are about a month. There are 50 tiers in Battler Pass. Many players are not able to complete all the tiers even after playing plenty of matches. So, this page covers the tips and tricks to maximize the Battle Pass quickly.

How to level up battle pass fast in COD Mobile?

1. Play long-lasting multiplayer modes

Here are the recommended modes where you’ll get more Battle Pass Tier XP.

  • 10 v 10 mode
  • Hardpoint (Shipment, Nuketown)
  • Rapid Fire

2. Use everything

Use Operator Skills, Scorestreaks, Lethal, Tactical in a match. They give more points.

3. Complete daily and seasonal challenges

Go to the Events section of Call of Duty Mobile. Here you will find many different challenges. You’ll get plenty of Battle Pass XP for completing challenges.

Bonus tips: Target multiple challenges in one match. 

4. Play Battle Royal Matches

One Battle Royale match gives around 13000 tier XP.

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