How to Get purple weapon XP cards in Call Of Duty Mobile?

In Call Of Duty Mobile, a purple Weapon XP card increases your weapon XP by 500 points. You can use these purple weapon XP cards to unlock attachments of your favorite guns instantly without playing matches. 

So read this article to know how you can get the Purple Weapon XP card.

How to Get purple weapon XP cards in COD Mobile?

Purple Weapon XP cards are now more common than other Weapon XP cards. Following are the different ways to get more Purple Weapon XP cards in COD Mobile.

1. Monthly login calendar

Go to the Events section of COD Mobile, and then click on Daily. Here you will find the Monthly Login Calendar. Here you will get a few Purple Weapon XP cards.

2. Seasonal and daily challenge

The Events section of COD Mobile offers different challenges like Featured, Seasonal Challenges, Daily Challenges. Complete these challenges and get dozens of rewards, including the Purple Weapon XP card.

3. Get purple XP cards from friends

In the mailbox, you will find many Purple Weapon XP cards sent by your friends. So the more friends you make in COD Mobile, the more likely you are to get a purple weapon XP card. In addition, you can also send XP cards to your friends.

4. Buy them from the store for free

Go to the store and click on the card section. Click on the Purple Weapon XP Card and select Credit as currency. Now buy it. Credit is a free currency in Credit Duty Mobile.

5. Open Crates

In crates, you have the chance to get some purple weapon XP cards.  Crates are found in the inventory section of COD Mobile.

So these are the different ways to get a Purple Weapon XP card. Note that purple weapon XP cards are more important, so don’t miss any chance to get them.

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