How to get Platinum and Coins in WCC3 for free?

Coin and Platinum are freemium currencies used in World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC3). Players often need both currencies for playing matches and other tasks. One way to get Coins and Platinum is by spending real money. In this article, you will find various ways to earn coins and platinum in WCC3.

How to earn Coins in WCC3 for free?

Following are the legal ways to earn Coins in WCC3 for free. 

By watching ads

At the bottom left of the home screen, you will see a button. Tap the button and watch the video ads. You will get some coins immediately after the completion of the ads.

By winning matches

Every time you win a match, you will receive Coins. 

Daily Login Rewards

Every day when you log in to WCC3, you will see a pop-up box named ‘Daily Mission’ on the screen. From here you can get some coins.

How to earn Platinum in WCC3 for free?

Complete daily missions

Every time you open WCC3, you will see a pop-up box named ‘Daily Mission’ on the screen. Here you will find daily challenges like complete a Quick Play, play a batting rival game, play an online rival game, complete all daily missions, etc. You can earn some platinum by completing these missions.

Ranking higher in the League of Champs (LOC) will move you to the next LOC Badge. The higher your LOC badge, the more platinum you can earn through daily missions

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