How to get Credits in Call Of Duty Mobile?

Credits are the free in-game currency used in Call Of Duty Mobile. You can use Credits to purchase many in-game items like weapon skins, weapon XP cards, and more. 

This article covers the different ways to get credit in COD Mobile

How to get Credits in Call Of Duty Mobile? 

Earning Credits in Call Of Duty Mobile is a slow process. To get Credits, you have to play a lot of matches and complete missions.

1. Events section of COD Mobile

There are a variety of challenges in the Events section of mobile. Complete these missions and get rewards.

2. Battle Pass

You can earn some Credits from the Free Battle Pass. So level up your battle pass and get Credits.

3. Crates

You can get credit by opening crates directly. Sometimes you get duplicate items from crates which are automatically converted into Credits. 

4. Profile rewards

In COD Mobile, there are 150 profile levels. Level up your profile and earn some Credits from there.

5. Rank rewards

You get Credits every time you move up on the rank leaderboard. Credits as rewards are available in both the Multiplayer Rank and the Battle Royale Rank.

These are the various ways to earn Credits in COD Mobile. You can use Credits in the store.

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