Battle Prime: List of all Primes and their abilities

what are primes in Battle Prime?

Battle Prime is a 5v5 multiplayer shooting game. A Player has the freedom to play in third-person or first-person perspective. In Battle Prime, there is a word called “prime”. So Let’s explore the Primes in this article.

What are Primes?

In Battle Prime, characters are called Primes. Every Primes has its own skills that give the player a unique benefit during a match. And each Prime can carry two weapons ( primary weapon and secondary weapon) and three perks into the match. Perks allow you to customize the skills of Prime.

List of Primes

1. ShocksTemporarily blinds and slow down enemies, and deals minimal damage
2. VityazTemporarily reduces incoming damage from explosions and bullets, but it slows down Vityaz
3. VisionAllows seeing enemies within the sensor’s range through obstacles and on the minimap
4. QuarterbackTemporarily increases accuracy and speed. Also increases incoming damage.
5. BlastWhen detonated, it deals damage and releases explosive Clusters.
6. PoisonWhen detonated, it deals damage and releases a toxin that poisons enemies.
7. IsotopeWhen detonated, it deals damage that penetrates any obstacles with radiation.
8. GlitchCreate a fully controlled and combat-ready copy of Glitch.
9. ThunderAllows firing electrically charged bullets that shake enemies.
10. JumperAllows making a powerful jump, crushing all enemies in the landing zone.

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