21 Best Platform games for Android [2021]

Are you looking for the best platform games for Android? Then this list can help you explore some of the best platform games to play on your Android device.

21 Best Platformers for Android devices

This list includes both paid and free Android platform games. You can find all of these games on the Play Store.

1. Dead Cells

Tags: Action / Platformer / roguelike / 2D / controller support / side-scrolling / offline

Price: Paid ($8.99)

Dead cells is a 2D action-platformer game with elements of roguelike and Metroidvania. It has one of the best melee combat systems. Here you try to reach the end of the castle by defeating the enemies. During this run, you can use different types of weapons and combat to defeat the bosses. You will get cells as you play, which allows you to upgrade weapon skills. You can also change the position and size of the button.

2. Limbo

Tags: Puzzle / Platformer / 2D / controller support / side-scrolling / offline / physics

Price: Paid ($4.99). Demo version available for free( get demo version)

Limbo is a puzzle-platformer game with great art-style and outstanding puzzle design. Limbo, a character you play, is in search of his little sister.  

3. Oddmar

Tags: Adventure / Platformer / 2D / controller support / offline / physics

Price: Free to play. Only first six level are free, rest of the levels are unlocked through IAP of $4.99.

Oddmar is an adventure platformer developed by Mobge Ltd. The game has well-designed levels and challenging physics-based puzzles. There are only six free levels in this game, after that, you will have to buy 24 levels through in-app purchases.

4. Swordigo

Tags: Adventure / Platformer / RPG / offline

Price: Free to play (with Ads and IAP)

Swordigo is a platforming adventure with RPG elements developed by Touch Foo. By side-scrolling through well-designed 3D areas, you defeat enemies, find hidden treasures and magics, and upgrade the character. You also have the freedom to customize the control setting.

5. Super cat tales 2

Tags: Action / Platformer / 2D / side-scrolling / offline

Price: Free to play (with Ads and IAP)

Super cat tales 2 is an adventure platformer with a lovely pixel art style. The touchscreen control is simple: You can run left / right by tapping and holding the left / right side of the screen. You can explore 100+ levels and various cats.

6. Ninja Arashi

Tags: Action / RPG / Platformer / 2D / side-scrolling / offline

Price: Free to play (with Ads and IAP)

Ninja Arashi is an action-packed platformer game with mixed RPG elements developed by Black Panther. In this beautiful shadow silhouette art style game, you will find 3 different maps with 45 levels. As you go through levels, you fight enemies, avoid traps, loot diamonds, and upgrade abilities.

7. Leo`s fortune

Tags: Platformer / Adventure / puzzle / Controller support / side-scrolling / offline

Price: Paid ($4.99)

Leo’s Fortune is an adventure platformer with stunning environments, fantastic graphics, and unconventional control. In this adventure, you will get to see beautifully designed levels, physics puzzles, vicious traps, and different environments.

8. Grimvalor

Tags: Action / Platformer / RPG / 3D / Controller support / side-scrolling / offline

Price: Free

Grimvalor is a mix of action-platformer and RPG. Basically, The Grimvalor is a hack-and-slash type game. You go through atmospheric landscapes and use solid melee combat to defeat the enemies. In fact, you have to know the enemy’s attack pattern to defeat them, especially larger bosses. The first chapter is available for free, then you have to buy a premium version.

9. Super cat bros

Tags: Platformer / Casual / Controller support / side-scrolling / offline

Price: Free

Super Cat Bros is a side-scrolling 2D platformer. The touchscreen control is simple yet not very convenient: When you press and hold one side of the screen your cat moves in that direction. If you double-tap, the cat moves faster. Also, the character jumps automatically.

10. Downwell

Tags: Arcade / Platformer / Roguelike / portrait / hardcore / side-scrolling / offline

Price: Paid ( $ 2.99 )

Downwell is a roguelike platformer game. A young boy ventures into a well in search of treasure, where he uses gunpoint to protect himself. The gameplay is simple and fun, where you can only shoot enemies downwards. Although the game is difficult and complex, you can enjoy it once you learn controls.

11. Blackmoor 2

Tags: Arcade / Platformer / hardcore / Co-Op / offline

Price: Free

Blackmoor 2 is an arcade platformer with puzzle elements, a mix of retro classic and modern gaming, and thousands of user-generated levels. The game can seem incredibly difficult if you do not adopt the gameplay. Blackmoore includes a story mode and cooperative multiplayer mode.

12. Magic Rampage

Tags: Action / Platformer / RPG / side-scrolling / offline

Price: Free

Magic Rampage is a combo of action platformer and RPG. On this adventure, you fight enemies with a variety of weapons, from knives to magical staves. Magic rampage includes a campaign mode, multiplayer mode, survival mode, and weekly challenges. There are many things in character customization: You can choose weapons and armors, various classes, magic elements, and stylize your character.

13. Reaper

Tags: Action / Platformer / RPG / side-scrolling / quests / offline

Price: Free

Reaper is an action RPG game developed by HEXAGE. The game is simple, challenging, and full of quests. The game is initially free up to level 10. If you want to play the game further, you can upgrade to the premium version. The game does not contain any other microtransactions.

14. Cat bird

Tags: Adventure / Platformer / 2D / side-scrolling / offline

Price: Free

Cat Bird is a 2D adventure platformer game with stunning pixel art graphics, great music, moderate difficulty, and lovely visuals. The control mechanic is traditional, where you found buttons to move and jump. Cat Bird includes 40 well-constructed levels, 4 bosses, and time trial mode.

15. Sword Of Xolan 

Tags: Action / Platformer / 2D / controller support / side-scrolling / offline

Price: Free

Sword Of Xolan is an action platformer with beautiful pixel art graphics, 30+ levels, and 30+ different enemies. Here you are on the adventure to bring back peace and serenity by fighting against Darkness.

16. Levelhead

Tags: Platformer / 2D / controller support / side-scrolling / Crossplay / offline

Price: Paid ($6.99)

LevelHead is a platform game where you can create and play different levels with community members. You can build your level with hundreds of items including enemies, hazards, paths, secrets, weather. You can share it with the other players and gain a following. You can also play different levels crafted by other LevelHead community members. Due to the strong community focus, you will never run out of levels. Also, This game has cross-platform capabilities.

17. Fancy pants adventures

Tags: Arcade / Platformer / 2D / controller support / Oldschool / offline

Price: Free

Fancy Pants Adventures is a fun platform game. You go through many different environments in search of your sister. You can stomp, kick, and slash your enemies with a variety of weapons. This is a good Platformer to play on your Android smartphones or tablets.

18. Witcheye

Tags: Adventure / Platformer / 2D / Oldschool / offline

Price: Paid ( $2.99 )

Witcheye is retro style platform adventure with puzzle elements, pixel art graphics, and a unique touchscreen control system. Swipe to move, and tap to avoid obstacles. This old-school game consists of 50+ beautifully designed levels and hundreds of enemies.

19. Nihilumbra

Tags: Puzzle / Platformer / 2D / physics / offline

Price: Free

Nihilumbra is a story-driven puzzle platformer set in a dark world, where you avoid obstacles, solve puzzles and follow the story. This story-rich game has an excellent world design with a beautiful background, animation, and atmospheric music. The game is free until world 2, then you can buy the full version of the game.

20. Manuganu 2

Tags: Platformer / runner / 2D / controller support / offline

Price: Free

Manuganu 2 is a side-scroller running platform game. The gameplay is simple: The gameplay is simple: your character moves automatically. You only need to jump at the right time to avoid obstacles. Your character can also fly, swim, and roll with a single touch on the screen. Manuganu 2 has nicely designed 40 levels and 4 larger bosses.

21. Dadish 2

Tags: Adventure / Platformer / oldschool / 2D / controller support / offline

Price: Free

Dadish 2 is the latest android game(released in 2021), which is a retro-style adventure platformer. You guide the character throughout the game and help him to find missing children. During the adventure, you encounter many obstacles, traps, and bosses. This game is available free on the Play Store.

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