WCC3: Basics, features, tips, tricks, and beginner’s guide

World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC3) is a sequel to the popular cricket game WCC2. It is developed and published by Nextwave Multimedia. WCC3 is available for both Android and iOS.

This article covers everything about World Cricket Championship 3.

WCC3 Overview: Basics & features

Features of WCC3

  • Commentary is available in Hindi, English, Tamil, and Telugu languages.
  • You can make friends in WCC3
  • Before the match starts, you can select any of the stadiums available. You can also choose pitch conditions.
  • You can also take DRS in WCC3
  • You can save your highlights
  • There is a batting practice mode where you can master 121 shots
  • There is a Quiz option where you can test your cricket knowledge

In-game currency

Three different currencies are used in WCC3: Platinum, Coins, Invites. All of these three currencies are freemium.

  • Platinum: Platinum is used to upgrade a player’s skills, unlock tournaments, recover stamina instantly, open kits instantly, and buy Coin packs from the store.
  • Coins: Coins are used for entry fees in matches.
  • Invites: Invites are used to play real-time multiplayer matches (Online Rivals)

What is My Squad in WCC3?

My Squad is the section in WCC 3 where you can manage your players. My Squad’s features are given here.

  • You have a squad of 24 players
  • You can make a playing XI in which you have to choose at least 5 bowlers or all-rounders or a combination of both. Apart from this,  your playing XI must have at least three batsmen or all-rounders or a combination of both.
  • You can upgrade the player’s skills.
  • You can customize the player’s name and role
  • You can change your team’s jersey

How to bat in WCC3? (Batting controls)

There are three different types of batting control options in WCC3: Hit Button, pull & release, and swipe control. You can choose one of these batting controls by going to the settings. Let’s see which of these batting controllers is right for you.

Batting Controller 1: Hit Button

 This is the recommended batting controller which is the best batting controller in this game. Let’s see how to bat with this batting controller.

  1. On the left side of the screen you can see two buttons: Loft and Advance. If you want to play a lofted shot, tap on the Loft button. By tapping on the Advance button, you can advance and play a “Down the Pitch Shot”. Do not select any of these two buttons if you want to play a grounded shot.
  2. You can see a joystick at the bottom right of the screen. You can set the direction of your shot by dragging the joystick in the direction where you want to play the shot. The more you drag the joystick, the more power will be in the shot.
  3. You can see two more buttons on the right side of the screen: Leave and Shot. If you want to leave the ball, tap the Leave button. To play the shot, tap on the shot button at the right time.
  4. To bat with this controller you have to follow this sequence. First tap on the Loft or Advance button. If you want to play a simple grounded shot, ignore this first step. Now, use the right joystick to set the direction of the shot and the power of the shot. Now the third step is all about timing. Tap the Shot button at the right time to play a shot.
  5. You can also move right or left inside your crease with the help of the left joystick located at the bottom left of the screen.

Batting controller 2

Follow the steps below to bat with this batting controller.

Step 1: Tap on the Loft button to play loft shot or tap on the Advance button to play down pitch shot. To play a simple grounded shot, don’t press either of these buttons.

Step 2: To hit the ball you have to drag and release the right joystick at the right time.

Batting controller 3

Follow the steps below to bat with this batting controller.

Step 1: Tap on the Loft button to play loft shot or tap on the Advance button to play down pitch shot. To play a simple grounded shot, don’t press either of these buttons.

Step 2: To play the shot, swipe at the right time anywhere on the screen in the direction you want to play the shot.

Out of these three batting controllers in WCC3, the first one is the more advanced and recommended. 

How to bowl in WCC3? (Bowling controls)

Unlike a batting controller, there is only one default bowling controller for bowling. Here are the steps to bowl in WCC3.

Step 1: Set up the field

You can set the fielding by clicking on the map. There are several fielding presets that you can use. Otherwise, there’s also a custom option to set your own fields.

Step 2: Set up Ball Merit

You can see the arrow moving left and right continuously. You can stop the arrow in the zone you want by tapping on the screen. The meaning of each zone is given below.

  • white area: regular delivery
  • Red Zone: No Ball
  • Green Zone: Special Delivery. Stopping the arrow in the green zone opens up special delivery options for the bowler. For fast bowlers, the special delivery options are Leg cutter, Off cutter, reverse swing, and slow ball. For spin bowlers, the special deliveries are  Googly/Doosra, Top spin, and Arm ball.

Step 3: Set the Speed/Spin/Swing

To increase the speed of the ball, drag the joystick back. You can increase the spin/swing by dragging the joystick to the right or left.

Step 4: Set the Line and Length

The last and very important step is to set the line and length. You can set the ball pitching spot by using the left joystick or by swiping on the pitch.

Types of game modes in WCC 3

  • Quick Play: From here you can play quick matches. Select the country. Choose the number of overs and difficulty. Coins are used for entry fees in Quick Play.
  • Women’s Cricket: There is no separate squad management option for women. The format is similar to Quick Play.
  • My Career: This is the carrier mode in WCC3. Here you have to guide your player through 26 tournaments. As you progress, you will get many rewards. 
  • World Tour: Here you can tour and play in the 10 most famous cricket playing nations. Here you have to complete the current region before proceeding for the next season. You can skip the current season by spending coins. By completing a season, you will get  Tour Points and progress on Leaderboards. The top 200 players will receive rewards when the season is completed.
  • Multiplayer: Here you can play online matches with real-time players. Online Rivals is a 1v1 where you can play against a random player online for two Overs. Local Rivals is also a 1v1 match you can play without the internet using only WiFi. Batting Rivals is also a multiplayer mode that you can play.
  • Tournaments: You can find all kinds of cricket tournaments here. Here are the different tournaments in WCC 3: Blitz Cup, World T20 Cup, World Cup, Asian Cup, ODI Series, Tri-series, Ashes to Ashes, National Premier League, other Leagues, and International Test Cup.
  • Esports Lobby: You can create or join WCC3 eSports tournaments from here. You need a subscription to create eSports matches. In various subscriptions, you will find different types of features.

WCC3 Guides

Here is the list of Guides for WCC3.

Quick guides on WCC3

How to earn Invites in WCC3?

The Invite is a type of currency/pass required to play matches in online Rivals. Here are some of the ways to earn Invites in WCC3.

  • You get one Invite every 12 hours
  • If you don’t have free invites, you can buy them instantly using Coins.
  • You will also receive Invites by watching ads.
  • Whenever you win public rival matches, you get Invites as a reward.
  • You can buy Invites with real money

How to recover stamina in WCC3?

As players play matches, their stamina decreases. You can see the Battery icon next to your player’s name, which shows how much stamina/energy the player has left. You need to put players with low stamina in recovery mode so that you can get stable performance from them. Here is how you can increase the stamina of those players.

  • First, go to the ‘My Squad’ section of WCC3.
  • Click on the player you want to put in recovery.
  • Now click on ‘Recover’ button

You can speed up the recovery process by spending platinum or watching ads.

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