COD Mobile Weapon XP cards – Every detail and Guide

This page covers all about Weapon XP cards in Call Of Duty Mobile.

What are Weapon XP cards?

Weapon XP cards are used to upgrade weapon levels. In other words, You can unlock weapon attachments faster by using a weapon XP card. In every new season, COD Mobile brings new weapons. And for the new gun, it takes several matches to unlock all the attachments. In that situation, Weapon XP cards are very beneficial for you.

List of Weapon XP cards

In Call Of Duty Mobile, there are six different types of weapon XP cards. But broadly, all weapon XP cards fall into the following two main categories.

Simple Weapon XP cards

Simple weapon XP cardS increase weapon XP by some points. There are three variants of this type of weapon XP card. The green XP card increases Weapon XP by 50 points. The middle one increases Weapon XP by 100 points. And the purple Weapon Xp card increases weapon XP by 500 points.

Double Weapon XP Card

A Double Weapon XP card doubles the amount of XP you earn during a match. There are three different variants of the Double Weapon XP card.

  • First double Weapon XP card: Double the amount of Weapon XP earned for the next 2 hours
  • Second double Weapon XP card: Double the amount of Weapon XP earned for the next 10 matches
  • Third double Weapon XP card: Double the amount of Weapon XP earned for the next 24 hours

How to get Weapon XP cards?

Following are the different ways to earn Weapon XP Card in COD Mobile.

  • Check out the monthly login calendar, where you will get the purple weapon XP card.
  • Complete various challenges like Daily Challenges and Seasonal Challenges to earn Simple Weapon XP cards.
  • Double weapon XP cards can be found in creates. Crates are found in the inventory section of cod mobile.
  • As you level up your profile, you’ll receive some Weapon XP cards from there.
  • You can also buy a Weapon XP card for free using Credits from the store. Simply go to the card section of the store. Select a card that you want. Change the currency option from CP TO Credit, and buy it.

How to Use a Weapon XP card in Call Of Duty Mobile?

As we discussed above, there are two main types of Weapon XP cards. And they are both used differently. Here is how to use a Weapon XP card.

  • Simple Weapon XP card: You can use the Weapon XP card by going to the Gunsmith. In Gunsmith, there is an upgrade option in the upper right corner of the screen. Here you will find three different Weapon XP cards that you can use.
  • Double weapon XP card: To use the Double Weapon XP card, go to the inventory section of Loadout. Here you will find three different variants of double Weapon XP cards. Click one of them and use it.

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